nth Solutions

The Company That Developed the LeakAlertor


nth Solutions was founded in 2006 by Susan Springsteen and Eric Canfield. We are a vertically integrated product development & manufacturing company whose design team holds more than 50 commercialized patents. The company’s mission Save Money, Save Lives, and Preserve Natural Resources has resulted in the creation and distribution of unique products for homes and businesses, all of which are made in the USA. In addition, the company engages in joint ventures to vertically develop and expand intellectual property for commercialization, distribution, and sales.


And Now as an Independent Company




In 2019, the LeakAlertor products and technologies were spun off from nth Solutions into a H2O Connected, a new, woman-owned, Qualified Opportunity Zone business now located in Coatesville, PA.  The Company maintains the involvement of legacy LeakAlertor personnel while entering a new era for the LeakAlertor brand.  2020 promises to be an exciting year with the launch of the wireless LeakAlertor Pro, the growing list of leading distributors offering the LeakAlertor product family, and the renovation and expansion of an historic building into H2O Connected’s new office and manufacturing facility.