nth Solutions

The Company Behind the LeakAlertor

nth Solutions was founded in 2006 by Susan Springsteen and Eric Canfield. We are a vertically integrated product development & manufacturing company whose design team holds more than 50 commercialized patents. The company’s mission Save Money, Save Lives, and Preserve Natural Resources has resulted in the creation and distribution of unique products for homes and businesses, all of which are made in the USA. In addition, the company engages in joint ventures to vertically develop and expand intellectual property for commercialization, distribution, and sales.

Our Vertical Integration Model

From Concept to Revenue-Ready™ is how we do business. We begin by taking a look at an existing product and asking ourselves, how can this be improved? Or, by looking at the marketplace and asking, what’s missing from these shelves? We research existing intellectual property, evaluate the engineering applications, and craft the patents and trademarks to protect the concept. At this point, we determine if an opportunity exists to develop a new product, or improve an existing one, and begin the process of defining the objectives of the project.

Our marketing and design teams develop the tools needed to bring life to any successful product through branding, websites, and social media. They create models, and source the materials needed to make the product.

Finally, it ends with revenue…the sale of our product through retail, online sales, or the acquisition of the property by another company.