Consumer Testimonials

“I saved 1,000 gallons of water in one month thanks to LeakAlertor! I would not have detected the leaking flapper on my own, and I am very grateful for your product.” — David, Hershey Mills, PA

“I have LeakAlertors on both of my toilets, and my grandmother has them on hers as well. They are great! It completely takes the guess work out of high water bills and those pesky intermittent leaks before your flapper goes bad that miraculously fix themselves before the plumber gets to your house, only to start leaking again when they leave!” — Michelle, Orlando, FL

“I went away for a week while the LeakAlertor was blinking green. When I returned home, the LeakAlertor was blinking red. I took the flapper out and it was moldy and dimpled! Within 36 hours of installing a new flapper, the LeakAlertor reset itself… all ready to detect the next silent leak! I was a skeptic, but now I have the peace of mind knowing that I am saving money and water.” — Stanley, Lansdowne, PA