Water Professional Testimonials

“We were all impressed at how easy LeakAlertor was to use and how accurate it was. Toilet leaks cost the U.S. millions of gallons of water every year, and customers unnecessarily high water bills. This product is absolutely essential in helping citizens detect and promptly repair toilet leaks.” — Kathy, Cobb County Water System

“We found the leak detector to be an ingenious device.  We tested it and sure enough it performed exactly as stated. “ — Jim, Malaga County Water District

“I’ve tested the new LeakAlertor®- 5000 and I like the improvements from previous versions. The LeakAlertor really does install in seconds.  Its works well and is easy to use. nth Solutions has several creative options for working with our customer service department and conservation programs. I would recommend the LeakAlertor to reliably identify water loss from leaking toilets.” — Jeanne, Lakeside Water District