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LeakAlertor 6000


LeakAlertor 6000

LeakAlertor Differences

Which LeakAlertor do I have, the 5000 or the 6000?

•  The LeakAlertor 6000 has sensors exiting the enclosure, while the LeakAlertor 5000 does not.

•  The 6000 has a hole on the front (right side) of the enclosure to permit access to the reset button.

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LeakAlertor 6000 Guides

LA 6000 User's Guide
Basic instructions to install, test and use the LeakAlertor 6000

LeakAlertor 6000 User’s Guide PC P67 (JUN 17A) 

Battery Replacement Guide
LA 6000 Leave-Behind Brochure
This brochure outlines important points about the LeakAlertor 6000 for tenants and plumbers’ clients.

LeakAlertor 6000 Leave-Behind Brochure

LA 6000 7 Reasons & 5 Reasons
This PDF document outlines several reasons why flappers don’t always close and why wide-open flappers often go undetected.

LeakAlertor 6000 7 Reasons and 5 Reasons

5 Reasons Why Dye Tabs Are Ineffective
This PDF document outlines several reasons why dye tabs are ineffective.
5 Reasons why dye tablets are ineffective
Water Myths