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Battery Replacement Guide

How do I replace the battery in my LeakAlertor?

LeakAlertor 5000 Battery Replacement Guide (English Only)

LeakAlertor 5000 Battery Replacement Guide (French Only)

LeakAlertor 5000 Battery Replacement Guide (Danish Only)

LeakAlertor® 6000 Battery Replacement Instructions

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Materials needed:

  • CR2032 Battery (available at most hardware stores, pharmacies, and grocery stores)
  • Flat-bladed screwdriver or butter knife
  • Toothpick (or other similar small, non-metallic object
  1. Press the reset button to place the unit into the RESET mode, then remove unit from the tank.

    Step 1 of battery replacement

  2. Remove the back of the enclosure by lightly pressing a screwdriver or butter knife through the front slot. Remove the board from the enclosure. (Do not use the leads to pull the board out of the enclosure!)


  3. Remove the old battery with a toothpick and slide the new battery into place with the “+” side facing UP. (The unit will automatically go into RESET mode.)


  4. Place the board back into the enclosure. Reattach the back so the circular notch faces inward and to the left.


  5. Place the unit back onto the toilet, and replace the tank lid.


DCN: LA6KBRI 03/16

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