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Undetected RUNNING TOILETS are the #1 cause of YOUR high-water bills

  1. A running toilet can waste almost 300 gallons in just one hour
    …that’s over 6,480 gallons in 24 hours!
  2. …easily adding $60.00 or more to your water bill in just one day!
  3. BUT, IF you KNOW that your toilet is running, you can QUICKLY correct the problem
  4. Most people don’t understand that a single running toilet can COST so much money in so little time
  5. Even worse, running toilets are almost always REPEAT OFFENDERS!
  6. SO, whenever your toilet runs, the LeakAlertor 6000 will let you know almost immediately, audibly telling YOU or YOUR FAMILY that they need to “Jiggle the Handle” before they leave the bathroom

What’s a running toilet?
What’s a leaking toilet?
What’s the difference?
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LeakAlertor alerts you
BEFORE YOU WASTE MONEY on high water bills!

How can the LeakAlertor decrease my water bill?
Running toilets are the #1 cause of a high water bill. When this problem occurs, most people actually know to “Jiggle the Handle” to temporarily fix the issue (or in a worst-case scenario, turn off the water). What many people don’t know is when to jiggle the handle. (Click here to see what causes toilets to run.) When you install the LeakAlertor 6000, you will always know when your toilet is running. You will be alerted before you leave the bathroom, preventing a high water bill.

Why are we talking about running toilets? Aren’t leaking flappers the biggest water wasters? Even my water company and the EPA say leaks can waste 50 to 200 gallons per day, right?
Yes, they do, and a badly leaking flapper can waste a lot of water (200 gallons per day). But think about these numbers: at 4.5 gallons per minute, a wide-open flapper will take less than one hour to waste as much water as a badly leaking flapper does in an entire day! And if a wide-open flapper goes undetected for just one day, it can waste 6,480 gallons of water! But if leaking flappers or faulty fill valves are your concern, the LeakAlertor also detects those problems and alerts you when to make a repair.

Why hasn’t anybody talked about running toilets before?
Before the LeakAlertor 6000 was developed, no one actually knew how often undetected running toilets occurred… and quite frankly, we didn’t know either. Once the LeakAlertor 6000 started shipping, we discovered running toilets happen so frequently, and repeatedly, that they were responsible for more high-water bills than all other indoor water loss causes combined!

Can’t I just use the dye tablets my water company gave me to alert me to problems?
No. Dye tablets are only effective in detecting slow, consistent leaks. Bu here’s the good news: the LeakAlertor not only detects running toilets, but also detects slower leaks of all kinds!

How do I get more information about the LeakAlertor 6000?
We’ve created a series of videos to help demonstrate the simple installation and operation of the LeakAlertor. The videos are on the Support Page here. These videos should answer all of your questions.

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