See the Surge in Your Profits, Not Your Water Bill

If you answer “NO” to more than two of these questions,

then you need a solution.

I know exactly which toilets are leaking & running

YES _________
NO _________

I know exactly how much water is being wasted by leaking & running toilets 

YES _________
NO _________

I have a disciplined preventative maintenance program in place

YES _________
NO _________

I know instantly when a toilet is running or leaking

YES _________
NO _________

I am confident that all toilets use no more than  1.6-1.8 gallons per flush (gpf)

YES _________
NO _________

When toilets are running or leaking all tenants always notice and call me

YES _________
NO _________

Maintenance personnel can locate, properly diagnose, bring the proper parts, and make repairs to fix leaks in a single trip to the bathroom

YES _________
NO _________
The LeakAlertor PRO System is that solution

How the LeakAlertor PRO System Works


  • Simple, Fast, No-Tools Installation
  • Intuitive Dashboard
  • No Wi-Fi or Internet Required
  • Save $$$ and Increase NOI on Day #1
  • Accurate Data on Every Toilet
  • 6 Patents, 80+ Trade Secrets
  • USA-based Live Customer Service

The PRO Dashboard

The PRO Dashboard provides property management and hospitality a cloud-based experience accessible from any web-connected device. No complicated user set-up or input is required during installation. Users can add, edit, or delete new contacts for receiving alerts.

The Dashboard Includes:

Accurate Water Usage by Toilet and Property

Total Flushes (Intentional Usage) + Water Volume per Flush for Each Toilet

Leaks, Running Toilets, etc. (Unintentional Usage)

Instant Notification of Excessive Water Loss Events

Running Toilets and Possible Overflows

Text Message Notifications

Ongoing Water Loss Events

Leaking Flappers, Faulty Fill Valves, etc.

Plus Many More Features

    Contact us for log-on information to see the Dashboard with live, real-time data.
    Click on the Dashboard Overview image to read the full document or download the file.

    LeakAlertor PRO Nodes

    Detects and Accurately Measures

    Running Toilets

    Leaking Toilets

    Faulty Fill Valves

    Wirelessly Communicates Directly to AWS Core Servers

    5+ Years Battery Life

    Installs in Seconds without Tools:

    Remove the Toilet Tank Lid

    Place the Wireless Pro Inside the Toilet Tank

    Replace the Tank Lid

    Connects to the Cloud Automatically    No User Set-Up Required 

    LeakAlertor PRO Gateway 

        Automatically Connects with the Strongest Signal from over 500 Global Data Carriers

                      No User Set-Up Required

    Communicates with Wireless PRO units and AWS Core Servers Automatically

    Mounts on Most Walls in a Few Minutes Using Only a Screwdriver

    AC-Powered + Battery Back-Up

    LeakAlertor PRO Repeaters

    Connects Distant Wireless PRO units to the Gateway

    AC-Powered + Battery Back-Up

    Questions? Ready to Get Started?

    Ernie Howard
    Coatesville, PA
    Ed Whartnaby
    Chicago, IL