Property Management: Controlling expenses is a priority

Property Management

Controlling expenses is a priority.

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Solve problems quickly before they become financial catastrophes!

One or more of these problems are happening every day, without you even knowing:

• Toilet Leaks     • Stuck Flappers     • Toilet Overflows     • Property Damage

So, how can maintenance fix a problem they don’t even know exists?

LeakAlertor’s got this.

LeakAlertor 6000

The LeakAlertor 6000 features enhanced detection capabilities which alert the user to any problems during the flush. Mounts outside the tank to provide instant visual and audible notification to the user that a repair is needed. Installs in seconds.

LeakAlertor Pro

All of the capabilities of the 6000, plus wireless notification sent directly to maintenance or management. Website access to water usage analytics. The LeakAlertor Pro installs inside the tank, out of view of the user. Installs in seconds. Visit the product site at

LeakAlertor 6000

LeakAlertor 6000 – Notifies your tenant when there is a problem

  • Detects: Wide-Open flappers, imminent overflows, leaking flappers, faulty flush valves and more
  • Installs in < 30 seconds
  • 2 year Average Battery Life
  • Works on all tank-based toilets
  • Simple TEST MODE permits instant validation of operation
  • Pushbutton reset
  • Externally mounted on the tank

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Optional Data Logging

The LeakAlertor 6000 has the ability to track and log the following:

General Information Volume of Water* Water Volume* due to:
Total Number of Flushes Total Used Leaks
Water Volume* per Flush Used Intentionally Open Flush Valves
Estimated Number of Users in the Dwelling Used Unintentionally Overflows

* (± 5%)

LeakAlertor Connected

LeakAlertor Pro – Notifies maintenance when there’s a problem

  • Detects: Wide-Open flappers, imminent overflows, leaking flappers, faulty flush valves and more
  • Installs in < 30 seconds
  • 5-7 year Average Battery Life
  • Works on all tank-based toilets
  • In-tank installation; no visible components
  • Wireless notification

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Optional Tenant Notification Module

Tenant NotificationDuring the flush, the LeakAlertor Notification Board provides your tenants with a visible and audible alert when the toilet is about to overflow, or if the flapper is wide-open. The alerts enable your tenants to take immediate action to correct the problem, preventing damage to your property and saving water. You will wirelessly receive notification of the event.

The Notification Board installs in less than a minute, and requires no tools or programming. It attaches to the outside of the toilet and is hard-wired directly to the LeakAlertor 6000. The unit is compact (3”H x 2”W x .5”D), and does not need to be removed to clean the toilet. No tenant maintenance is required. The average battery life is at least two years.

LeakAlertor 5000

EVERY toilet is going to leak…it’s only a matter of time. The LeakAlertor 5000 is the least expensive solution for automatically detecting all kinds of silent toilet leaks and stuck flush valves. Installs in seconds without tools or complicated instructions.

  • Simple RED light, GREEN light notification, and audible alerts
  • No external leads
  • Automatically resets after leak repair
  • Replaceable battery
  • Proudly Made in the USA

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