Residents: Saving money and water are priorities.


Saving money and water are priorities.

Icon of a person saying HmmHave you ever received an unexpected high water bill and thought to yourself, “Who’s using all the water?”

The answer lies in how you are billed for water.  For every gallon of water that is used intentionally (bathing, drinking, flushing toilets, etc) and unintentionally (leaks, running toilets, etc), you are billed a usage fee by your water provider for water coming into your home and your sewer provider for water exiting your home.  This means that a leak or malfunctioning toilet can draw unnecessary water through your home, for which you will be charged twice.

In addition, many water providers tier their pricing so that water costs more per gallon at higher usage levels. Leaks can increase your monthly usage enough to qualify for a higher priced tier, further increasing your water costs.

Leaking and running toilets can cost you tens, hundreds, even thousands (yes, thousands!) of dollars in water and sewer costs in just one month.

Not sure how to calculate what those leaks and wide-open flappers will cost you? Check out these charts.

An icon of a person saying Oh NoHave you ever asked yourself, “How long has the toilet been running and what’s this going to cost me?”

Icon of a person saying I dunnoHave you ever wondered, “Why does my toilet sound like water is running when I haven’t flushed it?”


In less than a minute you could be on your way to saving money and saving water!!

1)   Remove your toilet tank lid.
2)   Hook the LeakAlertor over the edge of the tank making sure the sensors
are partially submerged in the water (at least 2 inches)
3)   Replace the tank lid.
4)   Pull the Battery Activation Tab.
That’s It!!!

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