Retailers: Meeting customer demand is a priority


Meeting customer demand is a priority.

Your customers want LeakAlertor because…

Icon of a toilet

Leaking toilets are the #1 cause of wasted water in the home and most leaks go undetected.

Icon of a person angry at a high water bill

Customers usually don’t find out about a leaking toilet until they get a high water and sewer bill.

Icon of a police offer and a ticket

Regional droughts con­tinue to get worse, lead­ing to water restrictions, fines, and increased water costs.

Icon of a pipe with a water leak

Wasted water due to leaks and wide-open flap­­­pers leads to increased stress on infra­­structure and cap­ital ex­­penses passed on to cus­tomers.

LeakAlertor is your customers’ least expensive first line of defense for preventing high water bills!

LeakAlertor 6000 Packaging & Ordering Options

LeakAlertor 6000 Ordering Options

  • Case of 12
  • Point of Sale Display
    • Holds 48 Units
    • Continuous Video Loop with Motion Activated Audio
  • FOB Exton, PA