Introducing the NS7000

The ONLY Single-Chip IoT-Compatible
Toilet Leak and Problem Detection Solution

Device Description

The NS7000 is a single IC water loss and damage detection/prevention solution for all types of tank-based toilets. Using an inexpensive water height sensor measurement technology and incorporating algorithms developed over 20+ years of research, the NS7000 detects leaks, faulty fill valves, running toilets, and toilet overflows. Serial communication with a host processor allows for register R/W operations and can be remotely queried to get accurate flush and water loss volumes. Valve control ports allow for optional solenoid valve control of water supply lines to prevent water loss due to wide-open flush valves and prevent water damage due to toilet bowl overflows. The NS7000 has been specifically designed for use in IoT and telemetry-based products, ideally as an in-tank device requiring no tools, no calibration, and no set-up. When the sensor wires detect water, the NS7000 “wakes up” and automatically begins to detect problems and anomalies.

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Note: The above is the abbreviated datasheet. Please contact Ernie Howard for access to the complete datasheet.

Features and Capabilities


  • Leaking Flappers
  • Wide-Open Flappers (aka running toilets)
  • Overflowing Toilets
  • Faulty Fill Valves


  • Total Flushes
  • Precise Water Volume- Per Flush
  • Average Water Loss Per Hour
  • Cumulative Water Loss

Additional Features:

  • Represents 20+ years of R&D resulting in a comprehensive patent portfolio
  • Allows installation in seconds without the use of tools, calibration, activation
  • Ideal for in-tank operation
  • Extremely low power consumption

Development Boards and Samples Available February 2019

For more information contact Ernie Howard at or by phone at (610) 594-2191.