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The LeakAlertor is a smart device that electronically monitors your toilets for leaks, imminent overflows, and other water wasting problems. The LeakAlertor alerts you both visually and audibly to toilet overflows, leaking flappers, or stuck wide-open flapper/flush valves BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE BATHROOM.

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8 reviews for LeakAlertor 6000

  1. Robert Dial (verified owner)

    I have two of them and are a great way to save money on my water bill. A couple of times they have alerted me that my flapper did not seat properly, since my hearing is bad I would never of heard the leak. Great little device.

  2. Tai-Ann Chen (verified owner)

    It happened to me a few times that the toilet water tank flapper pulling wire got tangled and the flapped didn’t close. The water kept wasted for hours, and even overnight, before we finally discovered.

    Upon searching for a solution, I found this LeakAlertor 6000. It hangs on the toilet tank with sensor wires sticking inside the water tank. By sensing how water level changes, it can detect a variety of problems, including flapper not closed, damaged flapped leak, etc., and sounds the alarm.

    I tested it by shutting off the water inlet valve and flush the toilet. I use no-refilling water to emulate the not-closed flapper. And surely enough the LeakAlertor 6000 sounds alarm immediately.

    Now I can sleep tight at night knowing my toilet tank won’t be accidentally wasting water over the whole night. We have already had 3 installed in the house. My wife and I all think LeakAlertor 6000 is a very smart invention, and we will not hesitate to introduce it to any friend of ours.

  3. Karen Fowler (verified owner)

    With a house full of people for a week, I decided to hand over the job of Toilet Police to LeakAlertor. I bought two and now I do not have to listen for toilets running or the water pump continually coming on in the middle of the night due to a running toilet. The product works just like it proclaims to and is very unobtrusive.

  4. Anil Anand

    I was always looking for a product that would fore-warn me when a toilet is leaking rather than trial and error approach for me that takes time. I am so glad LeakAlertor exists now. I have the 6000 model and it works beautifully. I just had a need to move it from one toilet to another and their customer support in guiding me was EXCEPTIONAL. I would HIGHLY recommend this product.

  5. Sig (verified owner)

    I’m a landlord in a eight unit complex. I got stung with a very high water bill last year because of one neglected toilet. Desperation set in and I was looking for an answer to stop this from happening again. All water supply to these units go to one meter only. Separate meters for each unit wasn’t very cost effective and not even possible. I done a lot of research into different products and services. Some offer wireless metering that would be monitored by a separate service. Metering would be hard plumbed into the toilet supply line and transmission by radio waves , picked up by an external antenna, relayed by computer modem then monitored by a private service for billing. We are talking more than a few thousand dollars just to start. Not for me. As a note, they wouldn’t even consider my building for an install anyway, too small they said, not worth the effort. 26 units was their minimum. This one from LeakAlertor was not only very affordable but easier to install. It took only the time to hang it on the tank and let it go through its calibration period (45min) . I ordered 14 of these units. Shipping took only a few days. I first installed on my own toilets as a test for a couple of days. No problems, so I continued to add them to all the apartment units. This gives me a piece of mind for now. Since tenants are not always doing the right thing and reporting what they should, I have to make an effort and make a spot inspection. So far these units have been in place for two months now without issue. These things are great and not over priced. Future products from this company are in the works for a wireless version. This would be an extra plus for any landlord. Hope this review helps someone.

  6. Kirk N. (verified owner)

    I bought 2 leakAlertor 6000 units and installed them at home. They were easy to install but did not sound an alarm when I tested them. I called the toll free number and was able to talk to a quality guy who explained how the sensor worked. It turned out that I was not waiting long enough for the alarm.

    I would recommend this product.

  7. Jim

    I bought 3 leakalertor 6000 units, one for each bathroom. They all work great, easy to operate. They alerted me of several different toilet issues, saving me from filling my aerobic septic tanks again.

  8. Hadden Culp (verified owner)

    My Church lost 10,000 gallons of water in two months ($350.00).No leaks were discovered and we figured the old toilets were the culprits. I installed 7 LeakAlertor 6000 units and posted the available on-line instructions in each stall. In the first week I’ve had two people notify me of various alarms – which THEY were able to resolve before THEY left the room!!!
    We’re very happy!!

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