Water Agencies

Benefits of Our Program

LeakAlertor is an inexpensive leak detection device for toilets that:

• Reduces unnecessary customer service calls due to high water bills

• Promotes water conservation within the community

• Highlights good stewardship of natural resources to company stakeholders

• Decreases stress on infrastructure thereby extending the useful life of plants, mains and water reserves

Why Choose LeakAlertor?

Decrease Water Usage

The LeakAlertor identifies undetected toilet leaks, the #1 user of indoor water in the home (measured in gallons per day), and other problems which customers are unaware of.

• The LeakAlertor attaches to the outside of the toilet tank. After activation of the unit, it learns the acoustic environment of the toilet, and uses a series of operating algorithms to detect leaks, stuck or wide-open flappers, and faulty fill valves. LeakAlertor then uses a simple red light/green light visual alert, along with audible beeps, to let the user know when to address a problem and take immediate action. The user correct problems quickly and decrease their water use.

Decrease Service Calls

Not recognizing their own leaking toilet as the culprit, customers often blame the water agency for the higher bills, generating more service calls. The LeakAlertor decreases these calls.

• Through early detection and notification, customers are able to address water waste on their own without contacting the water agency. Agencies can direct these cost savings into other projects or increased conservation efforts.

Detection Diligence

Single-use leak detection methods, such as dye tablets and food coloring, have to be repeated frequently in order to be effective. The LeakAlertor provides the constant monitoring toilets need for effective indoor water conservation.

• Many customers aren’t even aware their toilet is leaking, so they won’t use dye tablets. By the time dye tablets are used, the toilet may have been leaking for months, or even years. The LeakAlertor monitors for leaks and other wasteful events every minute of every day, even when your customer is asleep or out of the house. See our article: 5 Reasons Dye Tabs Are Not That Great for more details.

Increase Your Conservation Effort

You’re committed to conservation through education, kits, and audits – but, do you have everything you need to help your customers decrease their indoor water usage?

• Along with low-flow shower heads and aerators, the LeakAlertor makes a great addition to a conservation kit. You’ve protected the sinks and showers; now help your customers protect their toilets.

System-Wide Integration:

We offer a variety of programs to easily distribute LeakAlertor to your customers. Our programs can be tailored to meet your specific needs!

Interested in learning more? Call 1-877-LEAKALERTOR (1-877-532-5253), email info@leakalertor.com OR fill out the form below!